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Determine your Weight Loss Challenge winners accurately!

Fitness & Weight Loss Challenge analysis made easy!

Our Weight Loss Challenge Report software provides professional, quick and in depth Challenge Reports to owners or regular users of InBody 270, 570 or 770 BIA Body composition machines.  The Challenge Wizard is ideal for any fitness and health business professionals who use InBody machines to track the body composition changes in groups of clients over a specific period of time. (For example 6, 8, 10 or 12 Week Challenges)

Save Time

If you're time poor, the last thing you need to be doing is sitting in front of a computer spending hours and hours trying to navigate your way around a giant spreadsheet.  Your time is more valuable than that, why not spend it with your clients instead?

Avoid Mistakes

Don't risk embarrassing errors in your spreadsheets.  The greater the number of clients involved in the InBody challenge report the greater the chance of making a mistake.   Accuracy is critical especially if you are offering prizes to Challenge winners.

Save Money

How much is your time worth? What value would you put on spending 5-10 hours of number crunching when you could achieve a far better result in a fraction of the time.

Which Body Scan Results Appear In A Challenge Report?

Individual Changes

✔︎ Weight

✔︎ Body Fat Mass

✔︎ Skeletal Muscle Mass

✔︎ Body Fat Percentage

✔︎ Visceral Fat Level

✔︎ InBody Score

✔︎ Soft Lean Mass

✔︎ Overall % Body Composition Change

Group Totals


✔︎ Weight loss of group

✔︎ Body Fat loss of group

✔︎ Muscle Mass gain of group

✔︎ Average Body Fat % change of group 

Best Male & Female

✔︎ Body Fat Mass

✔︎ Skeletal Muscle Mass

✔︎ Body Fat Percentage

✔︎ Visceral Fat Level

✔︎ InBody Score


Basic Challenge Reports

Single Report

$69 per report
  • ✅ Single InBody Challenge Report

Challenge Reports With Names Added

How does it all work?

This system of creating a challenge report is a very simple process and invloves 4 steps.

1. Exporting 1 or 2 spreadsheet files from your InBody machine onto a USB drive, one file for the start of the challenge, one file for the end of the challenge.  Alternatively you can download 1 file encompassing the entire challenge dates.

2. Fill out the online details form.

3. Import the 1 or 2 files into the website along with the dates for the start and end of the challenge.

4. Review & Submit for analysis.  Your Challenge Report will then created, checked and then emailed to your nominated email address.

How do I export spreadsheet files from my InBody machine?

To export the data in spreadsheet form from your InBody machine you will need a USB. (We find that Sandisk brand seems to work the best)

On the back of the InBody machine, insert the USB into either of the USB ports. From the admin menu on the InBody select option “Export data as excel”.


Choose SELECT to choose the data you wish to download.

Choose SEARCH BY DATE for a single date or between dates and you will get a list of scans from the dates listed, starting with the most recent first.

Select all of the scans by putting a tick in the top left corner next to the ID or if you want to select or deselect some of the scans, place or remove a tick next to the required ID.

inbody challenge report select id

Select DONE.

Press the start button and the download should begin counting
up in the top left hand corner. The scans will usually take around
one second per scan to download.

Please note that if an error message occurs when you push start, try it again a number of times before considering a different USB stick.

How do I import the spreadsheet files onto the website?

Once you have downloaded the 1 or 2 spreadsheet files from the InBody machine to a USB, open it on a computer.  Inside the "InBody" folder you will find a file that will look similar to inbody570_data.csv.  
Save the files somewhere easily accessible on your computer and label it either "Start scans", "End Scans" or  "start and end scans" if you are only using 1 file.
Keep in mind that only one .csv file can be exported onto the USB at a time, as each export will overwrite the previous file on the USB.
** Please keep the .CSV file in its original format and avoid editing as this will likely cause errors during the upload process **

How do I start to create the challenge report?

Select the button "Create a Challenge Report"  from the website and complete the details form.  Use your discount code if you have been provided with one.

inbody challenge reports builder details form

Fill in the next section of the form choosing the challenge start and end dates and then choose the start and end scan files files from your computer in the corresponding box below the date.  If you have chosen to use 1 single file encompassing the start and end scans, add the same file to both the start and end "Choose File" boxes. 


Inbody challenge report builder file upload form


Select either Metric or Imperial depending on whether your machine measures in kilograms or pounds and select "Next"


Which dates do I select for my start and end scan dates?

If all of your start or end scans were conducted on a single day, choose that particular day as you start and/or end date. If your scans were conducted over several days, select a date nearest the middle of the range.

(For example - If the Start scans were conducted on a Monday through to Friday you should choose Wednesdays' date as the Start date)

Please note that only scans within 9 days either side of the start or end date will be included in the report.

If the date drop down box does not open automatically in your browser, you may need to type in your date manually in this format. -  DEC 25 2020

Review your data and submit for analysis.

Prior to finalising the challenge report you will be given the opportunity review all of the scans uploaded for the Start date and Finish date to make sure all of the scans are present and the correct file has been uploaded.

inbody challenge report builder review page

 If all is correct with your review and any discount has been applied correctly, you can proceed to the payment page otherwise go back to the details page and make the necessary changes.  If you have a 12 month subscription ensure that 0.00 is displayed as the total.


inbody challenge report builder submission

Will I get the Challenge Report Instantly?

Not at the moment. We are still Beta testing this site to ensure accuracy of all reports generated.  All reports will be screened manually for the moment before switching to fully automated reports in the future.  The report will be emailed to you after it has been checked, usually within 24hrs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if you prefer you can export 1 larger file from your InBody machine encompassing the Start and Finish dates of the challenge. If you use this option you will be required to upload the same file twice instead of a Start file and a Finish file.
The files that you need to upload must be taken directly from the InBody export function and uploaded as-is without changing anything. If you've done this and there's still issues, there may be some additional data that your machine has added or removed that's conflicting with our list of known machines. Email us using the contact form and we can review your data and update our list of InBody machine profiles.
Absolutely. You can either send the names to us and we can manually add them to the report. Select the add client names options in the "Enter Details" form and and email to us a list of names that correspond to the clients ID. Alternatlively if you have experience editing spreadsheets you could also add them yourself prior to uploading the data. Please note if you update the names yourself the names must still be contained with the <> symbols and the name must be identical in both start and end files. You can send through the names list to be added via our contact page.

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