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Designed to seamlessly integrate with the InBody 270, 570, and 770 scanner, Challenge Wizard analyzes comprehensive body composition data to deliver detailed challenge reports on the progress of small or large groups

Effortlessly track fat loss, muscle gain, and overall body transformation for each participant, providing precise and actionable insights to showcase the effectiveness of your InBody scans and fitness challenges. 

Empower your programs with accurate data and transformative results, making Challenge Wizard an indispensable tool for fitness professionals and challenge coordinators.

3 Great Reasons To Use Challenge Wizard To Analyse Inbody Scans

Why Use Our Service?


If you're short on time, the last thing you want is to be stuck in front of a computer for hours, struggling through complex spreadsheets. Your time is too valuable for that. Why not use it to engage with your clients instead?


Avoid the risk of embarrassing errors in your spreadsheets. As the number of clients participating in the InBody challenge increases, so does the likelihood of mistakes. Accuracy is crucial, especially when offering prizes to challenge winners.

Cost Effective

How much is your time worth? Save 5-10 hours of tedious number crunching and avoid errors. With efficient tools, achieve superior results faster, letting you focus on what truly matters—engaging with your clients and enhancing their fitness journeys.

Which INBody Scan Results Appear In A Challenge Report?

Individual Changes

Group Totals

Best Male & Female


Common Inbody Scans & Challenge Report Questions

Yes, after a payment is made and data is uploaded, the software will instantly analyse your data and prepare a report for viewing.

Challenges will be accessible to view via the ‘Challenge’ tab once you have created an account and purchased credits, then applied a credit to access your challenge report. 

You can then choose to download or save as desired. Purchased challenge reports will remain available for you to view at any time when you are logged in to Challenge Wizard.

Yes, to a degree. The Overall Body Composition chart will display the best results in order from best to least change.  The overall  change is a combination of muscle gain and fat loss for overall health, however some challenge organisers may choose to disregard changes in muscle and focus purely on fat loss.

We strongly recommend using the Challenge Wizard report together with other metrics such as gym attendance, attitude, strength and physical appearance to determine overall winners, especially when giving away prizes.

Yes, if you prefer you can export 1 larger file from your InBody machine encompassing the Start and Finish dates of the challenge.

If you use this option you will be required to upload the same file twice instead of a Start file and a Finish file.

The files that you need to upload must be taken directly from the InBody export function and uploaded as-is without changing anything.

If you’ve done this and there’s still issues, there may be some additional data that your machine has added or removed that’s conflicting with our list of known machines.

Email us using the contact form and we can review your data and update our list of InBody machine profiles.

Challengers must have completed their scans within the 9 day window before or 9 day window after your nominated challenge dates. 

Any scans outside of this window will be considered either completed too early or late to fairly participate within your challenge and will not be included.

If a scanner’s  height happens to be re-measured at their end of challenge scan (not advised to re-measure height as it must remain the same with each scan for consistency) and that height is different by more than 2 cm, this height discrepancy is too great and Challenge Wizard will assume it is 2 different people. As a result they will not be included in the Challenge Report

Please be aware that it is your responsibility to ensure your upload the correct data and select the correct dates for your challenge.

Once a credit has been used it can not be refunded and the report can not be re-created without using another credit.

Please ensure you read our terms and conditions in relation to refunds.

InBody Scans Challenge Reports


Purchase credits to use towards creating your challenge reports. 1 Credit = 1 report. Credits do not expire

How does it all work?

The system of creating challenge reports is very simple and involves 6 steps

  1. Create an account with Challenger wizard (include a link to the account page)
  2. Purchase credits
  3. Export 1 or 2 CSV spreadsheet files from your InBody machine onto a USB drive, one file for the start of the challenge, one file for the end of the challenge.  Alternatively you can download 1 file encompassing the entire challenge dates.
  4. Import the 1 or 2 files into the website along with the dates for the start and end of the challenge
  5. Review and submit. Your challenge report will be created.
  6. Apply your credit to access your report.

Exporting spreadsheets files from an Inbody machine.

To export the data in spreadsheet form from your InBody machine you will need a USB. (We find that Scandisk brand seems to work the best)

On the back of the InBody machine, insert the USB into either of the USB ports. From the admin menu on the InBody select option “Export data as excel”.

Choose SELECT to choose the data you wish to download.

inbody challenge report select id

Choose SEARCH BY DATE for a single date or between dates and you will get a list of scans from the dates listed, starting with the most recent first.

Select all of the scans by putting a tick in the top left corner next to the ID or if you want to select or deselect some of the scans, place or remove a tick next to the required ID.

Select DONE.

Press the start button and the download should begin counting
up in the top left hand corner. The scans will usually take around
one second per scan to download.

Please note that if an error message occurs when you push start, try it again a number of times before considering a different USB stick.

How to import spreadsheet files into Challenge Wizard

Once you have downloaded the 1 or 2 spreadsheet files from the InBody machine to a USB, open it on a computer.  Inside the “InBody” folder you will find a file that will look similar to inbody570_data.csv.  
Save the files somewhere easily accessible on your computer and label it either “Start scans”, “End Scans” or  “start and end scans” if you are only using 1 file.
Keep in mind that only one .csv file can be exported onto the USB at a time, as each export will overwrite the previous file on the USB.
** Please keep the .CSV file in its original format and avoid editing as this will likely cause errors during the upload process **
inbody challenge report select id

How do I start to create the challenge report?

Go to create a report and ensure you have created an account and logged in. Complete the form and upload your data and select your challenge dates.   

If you have chosen to use 1 single file encompassing the start and end scans, add the same file to both the start and end “Choose File” boxes..

Which dates do I select for my start and end scan dates?

If all of your start or end scans were conducted on a single day, choose that particular day as you start and/or end date. If your scans were conducted over several days, select a date nearest the middle of the range.

(For example – If the Start scans were conducted on a Monday through to Friday you should choose Wednesdays’ date as the Start date)

Please note that only scans within 9 days either side of the start or end date will be included in the report.

If the date drop down box does not open automatically in your browser, you may need to type in your date manually in this format. –  DEC 25 2020

Will I get the challenge report instantly?

Yes, your report will be generated instantly and you will be able to access it once you apply a challenge credit.

Review your data and submit for analysis.

Prior to finalising the challenge report you will be given the opportunity review all of the scans uploaded for the Start date and Finish date to make sure all of the scans are present and the correct file has been uploaded.

** Please ensure you carefully check your data and challenge dates are correct. 

Challenge dates are selected to ensure the scans for challengers are limited to a set time frame, in order to keep the challenge fair.  Only scans conducted either 9 days before or after the chosen challenge date will be included in the challenge report. This allows for you to still include people if they scan on days other than your specific start or end of challenge date.

Please ensure that you check that all relevant challengers have completed their scans within 9 days before or 9 days after your chosen challenge dates.

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